Monday, May 7, 2012

And so the story goes...

The purpose of this blog was to document and share the story of our deployment.  A journal for us to look back on once this is over, and to be able to see all that we have overcome.  Our deployment began January 16, 2012 in a hanger at airport 2.  The weather matched the mood, but the fear was that the blizzard would delay their flights, and we would have to say goodbye again the next day.  The helicopter hanger was filled with soldiers and their loved ones.  Some were being strong, some were weeping, and a few were laughing and ready to go.  We heard speeches and pep talks from the higher brassed soldiers, the governor was present, and there were news anchors everywhere to capture the tears and goodbyes.  The soldiers got in formation, were all accounted for, and it was just about time to go.  We had the opportunity to talk to Channel 13 news, and to our surprise, our little family made the 9:00 news.  My mom, Drew's parents, Max and I were all there to send our soldier away.  The moment that the busses drove off, I felt my knees buckle.  I never could have prepared myself for that moment, that I sent my husband off to war.  That day now seems like an eternity ago, as we have come so far since then.  But in reality, its only been 4 short months, and we have 8 more to go.  

 In formation

 The Asays

 The Blunts

 Uncle Brian entertaining Max for us :) Thanks Brian!

 Max saying goodbye, this picture still breaks my heart. 

 Getting in a little family time...

My last hug goodbye.

And they are off.

Thank you so much to the friends and family who have supported us through this.  The phone calls, the visits, and the hugs are very much appreciated. We love you and and are so happy that we are not doing this alone.  

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