Thursday, August 30, 2012

22 Week Update

My belly went "pop" and it's pretty obvious I'm pregnant now.  I am glad I am out of that chubby-inbetween stage, but I hate when people want to touch the goods.  Hudson has been pretty active and I was able to catch him kicking on video to send to his daddy.  I'm pretty sure his dad thought that was the coolest thing EVER!

We have had a bit of a scare.  I started bleeding earlier this week, and after seeing the Dr we found out that there is a tear in the placenta.  Since I am only 22 weeks, there isn't much that we can do but wait and hope for the best.  I have been put on bed rest until I make it to 24 weeks, which is considered a viable pregnancy.  At this point if I were to go into labor there isn't anything that could be done to save the baby, but 24 weeks marks a point that they will do their best to keep him alive.  Once I hit 24 weeks we will reevaluate the situation, and depending on what they find, I may be admitted to the hospital or told to continue bed rest at home.  The hope is that by staying down and taking it easy, the bleeding will improve and Hudson can continue to grow in the womb.  He isn't in any distress, has a strong heartbeat, and continues to kick the heck out of his mama.  Bed rest hasn't been the easiest, but my mom has been so great and willing to help with Max.  His Daddy is aware of what's going on, and I am sure that worrying from Afghanistan has not been easy on him.  It seems like this pregnancy has brought problem after problem, but I am so greatful for the blessings that it has brought as well.  This little guy in my belly is worth all the stress, and it's amazing how much he is loved already.  

I am trying to take all of this information in, and do my best to handle things here at home while Andrew is gone.  Talking about the situation and rehashing it will only make me more emotional, so I would prefer not to talk about it.  I will keep my blog updated as we find out more information, and my mom is more than happy to play the "go between".  We appreciate all the love and support and ask that you keep our little guy in your prayers.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Yay for Pinterest!

I found a fun little activity that Max and I could do here at the house.  Not being able to drive has really taken away from a lot of summertime activities.  Needless to say, we get bored! Max was coming home from his dad's on Thursday and I wanted something different that we could do together.  I froze some of his dinosaurs in a 9x13 pan (I left the food coloring out so it didn't stain my porch or his clothes). I gave him a hammer and a screw driver and the kid was entertained for about 2 hours! 

His face says it all! He has already asked if we could do it again :)

And who would have thought that clean-up could be so fun? He played with the chunks of ice and swept them off the balcony.  All I had to do was supervise and take pictures.  

"Mom, I look ridiculous!"

A Mountainous Adventure!

We were able to take a break from the craziness of life and head up to the mountains.  The bow hunt opened and my dad and Dillon both had elk tags.  Max and Dillon were joking around about touching an elks eye if Dillon shot one.  Max agreed to do it...for 10 quarters! Dillon shot an elk Saturday night, just before dark, and wasn't able to track it down.  The next morning they went out to find it, unfortunately we had to leave camp before they got it back to the trailer.  Uncle Dig did not disappoint though, he touched the eye, and sent Max a picture to prove it!

I adore this picture and this little boy.  He was so content on our camping trip and his little personality had the whole family laughing.  While the boys were out hunting we went for a little walk and a ride down to the lodge. 

 Watching movies with Uncle Dig

This child LOVES the "vroom vroom"! 

Last year we took a picture like this with Daddy Drew... we sure missed him this year :( 

He collected sticks, which kept him very busy.  He found this one and wanted a picture taken because he looked like a deer. 

Then he found this one, and was so excited for a picture because he looked like Elliot from "Open Season" Hahaha! 

Catching grasshoppers

And here is his pile of sticks.  He was so proud of himself, and insisted that poppy hid them under the trailer so no one could steal them.  

Here is uncle Diggie's big kill...

And here he is following through on his deal with Max.  YUCK!

Driving down the canyon, it took about 10 minutes for him to crash.  I think this is proof that he had a fun filled weekend.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another one bites the dust!

I always look forward to the 15th of each month because that is the day that marks another month down with this deployment, and my flower delivery reminds me of the milestones.  It's been 7 long months since my husband left for war, and up until this point I've felt like we weren't making any progress.  When I opened the door on the 15th, I was overwhelmed, as I stared at a bouquet of mostly yellow roses.  As each month passes there is one more yellow rose for my month of service, and one less red rose.  I cannot wait until the day that I receive a bouquet of 12 yellow roses.  It's silly that it takes something as small as flowers to really put things into perspective as to how far we have come.  Nonetheless, I am so grateful for my thoughtful husband who knows just what I need to keep my chin up and keep me going strong.  

Since my delivery in February, I have had the same flower delivery guy.  Now days he tells me, "See ya next month!" I am looking forward to the day that I can say, "Nope, we are all done!"

7 yellow roses representing the 7 months of service we have completed.  5 red roses representing the months that lay ahead.  And no card because words can not express what we are going through.  

It was a good day because not only did we get flowers, but we also got a package and a letter! Max knew a prize was coming in the mail and I wish I had a video of just how excited he was when we opened our mailbox and there was the package.  He was jumping up and down, doing happy feet, and yelling at everyone around that Daddy Drew sent him a box from Afghanistan.  

If you know my son at all, you know how obsessed he is with "killing the bad guys".  With Drew being gone he thinks that it's his job to take care of and protect his Mommy.  When he pulled out this hand carved knife he was beyond excited.  Daddy Drew knows his so well.  My first thought was why in the world would you send him that, he's gonna hurt someone! The kid will not put it down.  He thinks that it's the coolest thing ever and he tells everyone that Daddy Drew sent it from Afghanistan.  

Mommy also got some prizes, and this little beauty had my name all over it.  I'm not sure if my husband realizes that when you get pregnant your stomach never stops growing.  I may have to wait to take up belly dancing until I can see my feet again.  But, this outfit is really, really neat and it jingle jangles with every move. 

 He also sent us an Afghani blanket.  It's huge and heavy and it reminds me of a rug.  It's beautiful though, and I love seeing and getting things from their culture.  Max has taken claim on this as well, he pulls this enormous blanket all over our house. 

Here is Max posing with all of the scarfs that Drew sent me.  The colors and patterns on these are exceptional.  

And so, with another month biting the dust, we are on to August.  I love the fall and all that this season brings.  I feel like we have a lot of things to keep us busy and look forward to.  Here's to the next five months flying by. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

20 weeks

I am officially half way done with this pregnancy! I had my 20 week appointment and ultrasound today.  Max came to this appointment and was fascinated during the ultrasound.  He loved seeing his brother and being a part of that.  He has been very concerned that Hudson would have a hole in his lip, so he seemed to be relieved when the tech assured him and showed him his brothers full upper lip.  The ultrasound went well, Hudson is growing perfectly.  He is measuring a day ahead, so we are right on track.  His kidneys are dilated, which is abnormal, but Dr. Young said it wasn't too concerning at this point.  We will have to have another ultrasound in 2 months to recheck this.  I still haven't gained any weight, but I am certain that at my next appt that will change. 

Hudson was a little wiggle worm during the ultrasound.  He is bum down, and loves his hands in his face.  Max thinks that his brother looks like a dinosaur because he could see his "fossils".  It was confirmed, we are still having a boy! Daddy is very excited to get more pictures of this little guy.  

Girls trip to St. Geezy!!

A few of us Army Wives were able to take a much needed trip to St. George.  Candice's parents were kind enough to let us stay at their home in Washington.  It fit the 6 of us girls and Izzy very comfortably, and had an awesome pool that we spent the majority of our time at.  It was so great to be able to sleep in, relax by the pool, and enjoy some good company (all without having to chase our kids around).  It's always encouraging to spend time with these ladies.  They are the only ones who truly understand what I am going through.  I love hearing their stories and that I am not alone, and they are some seriously fun girls to be around.  I think a second trip is in the works for when the hubbies come home! 

Lunch @ Chili's

Getting cozy (they've been living alone for 7 months now)

Mariah, Sara, Candice, and myself cooling off in the 105 degree weather

Sara doesn't have a filter, one of the MANY reasons we get along so well.  

Mariah and myself

I thought I was going to drown.  Good thing Sara was taking pictures instead of saving me!! Just keep swimming...

Playing on the slide

All of us plug our noses

and scream every time we went down.  Haha!

This picture of Candice is my favorite! 


Izzy being brave and going down the slide all by herself!

Best battle buddies EVER!

Other than swimming all we did was eat.  Too much yummy food, we couldn't let it go to waste ;)

Pasta Factory downtown.  We are all sunburned and sleepy here.  

Our last night in St. George.  This must have been before phone time.  Each night we would sit in silence as we all talked to our husbands.  We should've gotten a picture of that!

Thanks ladies for the fun trip :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pregnancy Updates

How far along: 19 weeks
Maternity clothes: Most of my clothes still fit, some better than others though. 

Weight gain: As of today, I  weigh 3lbs less than when I got pregnant.   
Stretch marks: None...yet.  I'm hoping it stays that way.  
Sleep: What's that? I haven't slept well since Andrew left, but I especially haven't slept well since I got pregnant.  
Best moment this week: Will probably be tomorrow when I leave for a girls trip to St. George.  
Miss Anything: I miss being emotionally stable! These hormones have gotten the best of me this 
pregnancy.  My poor husband is probably glad he's 7000+ miles away.  
Movement: I felt him move for the first time around 16 weeks.  I feel him ALL the time now! It's a great reminder that he's there and healthy.  Food cravings: Food hasn't agreed with me all that well.  I still throw up on a regular basis...YUCK! I have random cravings though.  One night I wanted cheesecake so bad, and I was upset that I couldn't have it right that minute.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: I'm always queasy. Smells still bother me, but nothing specific.  

Gender: BOY!!

Belly Button in or out: My belly button is like a bottomless never made its way out when I was pregnant with Max. I am hoping history repeats itself here.  Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or Moody: Depends on how I'm feeling.  I have been very sick with this 
pregnancy, so that definitely hasn't helped in the mood department.  Looking forward to: Mondays appointment.  I will be having my 20 week ultrasound and seeing our little fella again.  This ultrasound also scares me a little though, I cant help that I'm such a worry wart.  I will feel much better after I know he has all of his parts and is right on track :) 

I had my Neurologist appointment today.  I still don't have many answers to these migraines, but we are well on our way to figuring something out.  I couldn't ask for a more competent or proactive dr.  She isn't too aggressive, but she is definitely on top of things.  The migraine that I currently have, has lasted 4 weeks.  Nothing that my OB has tried has helped relieve the pain.  
I had an appointment with an eye dr. on Friday and he found that my optical nerve was abnormal, which indicates increased intracranial pressure (ICP).  This finding would explain the migraines, but now they are trying to figure out what is causing the ICP.  It could be something as simple as the increased hormones, but they need to verify that it isn't something more serious. 
I had an MRI last month that was normal, so that is very encouraging news.  After seeing Dr Nguyen today, she feels a few more tests are necessary.  When you are pregnant you blood naturally thickens, so they want to make sure that it is traveling through the vessels appropriately and that there are no blockages or clots.  This is done by having and MRA/MRV which is similar to an MRI.  Following that test I have to have a lumbar puncture (LP) to make sure the ICP ins't too high.  They are able to test the pressure through the spinal cord and will remove some fluid samples for further testing.  Neither of these tests will put the baby at risk in any way.  She told me that if the first test shows something abnormal, I may be able to avoid the LP.  She warned me that this test wouldn't be pleasant, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  
They are also starting me on blood pressure medication.  My BP runs low regularly, so I questioned this.  She stated that they want to be proactive with pre eclampsia symptoms, and that this particular medication would hopefully help the migraines/headaches as well.  I will have to monitor my BP from home to make sure that it doesn't drop it too low.  
So today, I continue waiting.  I should be a champ at doing this, but it's really an area I need to work on.  They will get the prior authorization through my health insurance, and that can take up to a week.  After that auth is done, we will schedule the appointments and tests and go from there.  
I am so greatful for the love, support, and help from our family and friends at this time.  With Andrew being gone it definitely adds some stress, but he and I can both rest at ease knowing that we are not doing this alone.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Blunt

Now that I'm 19 weeks along, I think it's about time I have a post about this! A couple weeks after I came home from Texas, over Easter, I started feeling miserable.  Throwing up, tired, emotional, and my boobs felt like someone had taken a meat pounder to them.  Immediately, I knew I needed to take a pregnancy test.  Even though I hadn't missed my period, there was that faint second line, and I could hardly believe it.  I took another, and it was still there, so I called Andrew in Texas.  I asked him what he was doing, he told me it was his day off so he was laying on his bunk.  I asked him if he was alone, and made sure he was sitting down.  Then I just laid it on him with, "I'm PREGNANT!" His first response was, "shut up." Then we sat and cried and soaked it all in.  We had wanted to start a family soon, but because of the deployment didn't think that was an option any longer.  Having an entire pregnancy and delivery alone, was definitely not the way I had planned on this going.  Now that I've had some months to think about it, and plan a little, it still isn"t the way I want it to happen, but I am SOOOO excited to start our family together. 

I've had a few minor concerns, so I've been lucky enough to have had an ultrasound with every appointment I've had thus far. Here is baby Blunt at about 7 weeks... what a cute little gummy bear! I could see the little heart fluttering on the screen, and most of my concerns were washed away.  

In July I was far enough along to find out the gender.  Going into this ultrasound I was convinced, along with almost everyone else, that this was a little girl.  My pregnancy with Max was fairly easy, as easy as being pregnant can be, and this pregnancy had been nothing but that.  

Here is the cutest profile I've ever seen (minus Max's of course :)

When I saw this on the screen, the tech didn't even have to tell me, I could see for myself that it was another little BOY!! 

And here are his little feet. 

I do not like the idea of showing everyone just how large I'm getting, but for my husbands sake, I will do it.  Here I am 15 weeks.  The belly has definitely grown in the last 4 weeks, so I'll take an updated picture and post that soon.  I felt him kick for the first time at 16 weeks, and at 18 weeks he got the hiccups in the middle of the night.  I woke up in a panic because I wasn't sure what was going on, Max never got them while I was pregnant with him.  

Speaking of Max, he is elated that he is going to be a big brother.  He has been talking about his "sister gracie" since January.  He was a bit disappointed that it turned out to be a boy, but he is looking forward to "teaching his baby brother everything that he knows."  

I hate, hate, hate that my belly is hanging out here.  This picture is just too precious not to share though.  He kisses his baby brother goodnight every night, and last night I had the camera ready.  He tells him stories, and pokes at him, and sings to him.  I hope when he is born that this excitement continues, and the jealousy doesn't kick in.  

Names were an issue for Andrew and I.  We had four of five girl names that we loved, but boy names were not as easy.  Andrew insisted on naming him Jack and I am stubborn and wouldn't give in.  Instead he gave in and it was decided, Hudson Jonathan Blunt.  

I am due 1/1/13 and Drew is expected to come home mid January. It's looking like Daddy will miss the delivery, and instead will have quite the homecoming .