Friday, August 17, 2012

Another one bites the dust!

I always look forward to the 15th of each month because that is the day that marks another month down with this deployment, and my flower delivery reminds me of the milestones.  It's been 7 long months since my husband left for war, and up until this point I've felt like we weren't making any progress.  When I opened the door on the 15th, I was overwhelmed, as I stared at a bouquet of mostly yellow roses.  As each month passes there is one more yellow rose for my month of service, and one less red rose.  I cannot wait until the day that I receive a bouquet of 12 yellow roses.  It's silly that it takes something as small as flowers to really put things into perspective as to how far we have come.  Nonetheless, I am so grateful for my thoughtful husband who knows just what I need to keep my chin up and keep me going strong.  

Since my delivery in February, I have had the same flower delivery guy.  Now days he tells me, "See ya next month!" I am looking forward to the day that I can say, "Nope, we are all done!"

7 yellow roses representing the 7 months of service we have completed.  5 red roses representing the months that lay ahead.  And no card because words can not express what we are going through.  

It was a good day because not only did we get flowers, but we also got a package and a letter! Max knew a prize was coming in the mail and I wish I had a video of just how excited he was when we opened our mailbox and there was the package.  He was jumping up and down, doing happy feet, and yelling at everyone around that Daddy Drew sent him a box from Afghanistan.  

If you know my son at all, you know how obsessed he is with "killing the bad guys".  With Drew being gone he thinks that it's his job to take care of and protect his Mommy.  When he pulled out this hand carved knife he was beyond excited.  Daddy Drew knows his so well.  My first thought was why in the world would you send him that, he's gonna hurt someone! The kid will not put it down.  He thinks that it's the coolest thing ever and he tells everyone that Daddy Drew sent it from Afghanistan.  

Mommy also got some prizes, and this little beauty had my name all over it.  I'm not sure if my husband realizes that when you get pregnant your stomach never stops growing.  I may have to wait to take up belly dancing until I can see my feet again.  But, this outfit is really, really neat and it jingle jangles with every move. 

 He also sent us an Afghani blanket.  It's huge and heavy and it reminds me of a rug.  It's beautiful though, and I love seeing and getting things from their culture.  Max has taken claim on this as well, he pulls this enormous blanket all over our house. 

Here is Max posing with all of the scarfs that Drew sent me.  The colors and patterns on these are exceptional.  

And so, with another month biting the dust, we are on to August.  I love the fall and all that this season brings.  I feel like we have a lot of things to keep us busy and look forward to.  Here's to the next five months flying by. 

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