Monday, August 13, 2012

Girls trip to St. Geezy!!

A few of us Army Wives were able to take a much needed trip to St. George.  Candice's parents were kind enough to let us stay at their home in Washington.  It fit the 6 of us girls and Izzy very comfortably, and had an awesome pool that we spent the majority of our time at.  It was so great to be able to sleep in, relax by the pool, and enjoy some good company (all without having to chase our kids around).  It's always encouraging to spend time with these ladies.  They are the only ones who truly understand what I am going through.  I love hearing their stories and that I am not alone, and they are some seriously fun girls to be around.  I think a second trip is in the works for when the hubbies come home! 

Lunch @ Chili's

Getting cozy (they've been living alone for 7 months now)

Mariah, Sara, Candice, and myself cooling off in the 105 degree weather

Sara doesn't have a filter, one of the MANY reasons we get along so well.  

Mariah and myself

I thought I was going to drown.  Good thing Sara was taking pictures instead of saving me!! Just keep swimming...

Playing on the slide

All of us plug our noses

and scream every time we went down.  Haha!

This picture of Candice is my favorite! 


Izzy being brave and going down the slide all by herself!

Best battle buddies EVER!

Other than swimming all we did was eat.  Too much yummy food, we couldn't let it go to waste ;)

Pasta Factory downtown.  We are all sunburned and sleepy here.  

Our last night in St. George.  This must have been before phone time.  Each night we would sit in silence as we all talked to our husbands.  We should've gotten a picture of that!

Thanks ladies for the fun trip :)

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