Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Blunt

Now that I'm 19 weeks along, I think it's about time I have a post about this! A couple weeks after I came home from Texas, over Easter, I started feeling miserable.  Throwing up, tired, emotional, and my boobs felt like someone had taken a meat pounder to them.  Immediately, I knew I needed to take a pregnancy test.  Even though I hadn't missed my period, there was that faint second line, and I could hardly believe it.  I took another, and it was still there, so I called Andrew in Texas.  I asked him what he was doing, he told me it was his day off so he was laying on his bunk.  I asked him if he was alone, and made sure he was sitting down.  Then I just laid it on him with, "I'm PREGNANT!" His first response was, "shut up." Then we sat and cried and soaked it all in.  We had wanted to start a family soon, but because of the deployment didn't think that was an option any longer.  Having an entire pregnancy and delivery alone, was definitely not the way I had planned on this going.  Now that I've had some months to think about it, and plan a little, it still isn"t the way I want it to happen, but I am SOOOO excited to start our family together. 

I've had a few minor concerns, so I've been lucky enough to have had an ultrasound with every appointment I've had thus far. Here is baby Blunt at about 7 weeks... what a cute little gummy bear! I could see the little heart fluttering on the screen, and most of my concerns were washed away.  

In July I was far enough along to find out the gender.  Going into this ultrasound I was convinced, along with almost everyone else, that this was a little girl.  My pregnancy with Max was fairly easy, as easy as being pregnant can be, and this pregnancy had been nothing but that.  

Here is the cutest profile I've ever seen (minus Max's of course :)

When I saw this on the screen, the tech didn't even have to tell me, I could see for myself that it was another little BOY!! 

And here are his little feet. 

I do not like the idea of showing everyone just how large I'm getting, but for my husbands sake, I will do it.  Here I am 15 weeks.  The belly has definitely grown in the last 4 weeks, so I'll take an updated picture and post that soon.  I felt him kick for the first time at 16 weeks, and at 18 weeks he got the hiccups in the middle of the night.  I woke up in a panic because I wasn't sure what was going on, Max never got them while I was pregnant with him.  

Speaking of Max, he is elated that he is going to be a big brother.  He has been talking about his "sister gracie" since January.  He was a bit disappointed that it turned out to be a boy, but he is looking forward to "teaching his baby brother everything that he knows."  

I hate, hate, hate that my belly is hanging out here.  This picture is just too precious not to share though.  He kisses his baby brother goodnight every night, and last night I had the camera ready.  He tells him stories, and pokes at him, and sings to him.  I hope when he is born that this excitement continues, and the jealousy doesn't kick in.  

Names were an issue for Andrew and I.  We had four of five girl names that we loved, but boy names were not as easy.  Andrew insisted on naming him Jack and I am stubborn and wouldn't give in.  Instead he gave in and it was decided, Hudson Jonathan Blunt.  

I am due 1/1/13 and Drew is expected to come home mid January. It's looking like Daddy will miss the delivery, and instead will have quite the homecoming .  

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