Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Guys!

As a mom, nothing makes my heart happier than these boys' unconditional love for one another.  The bond between them is already so strong and so sweet.  Max is an excellent big brother.  He is a great helper, he isn't jealous of Hudson or the attention that he requires, he is so concerned and aware of his brother at all times, and he is just as protective of him as I am.  

When we have visitors he makes sure they wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before touching him, he loves to make sure he has his binky, and he gets really excited when he gets to help burp him.  One day Hudson was crying and Max told me, "It just breaks my heart when my brother cries."  

One of my favorite things is when Max sings to Hudson when he's upset. Hudson is immediately drawn in and calms right down.  He likes to sing "You are my Sunshine" and "I am a Child of God". 

Hudson often gets the hiccups and he gets so bugged by them.  Lately Max calls me over, holds our hands, bows his head, and says a prayer asking Heavenly Father to take his brothers hiccups away.  Priceless. 

Max has learned how to spell Hudson's name and he loves coloring pictures for his baby brother and writing his name on every single one of them.  

and this is what happens when mommy tries to shower. 

Max was elated when Hudson was finally old enough to share his bath time!

Max loves being a big brother so much that he has already asked when we are going to have him a baby sister :) 

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