Saturday, May 25, 2013


Max had never been to the ocean before and he was really looking forward to seeing and playing in it.  We went to Newport Beach and spent a few hours there before we headed home.  Max had been watching "Shark Week" prior to our vacation and he made Drew promise he would punch any shark in the eye that tried to get him.  

 We got there and he was jumping up and down in anticipation, waiting for us to haul all of our crap out of the car.  We finally found the camera and told him to go for it! He squealed the entire way down to the water and he could have cared less that the water was freezing.  He was in heaven.  

Hudson was less than entertained with the freezing water and the bright sun.  His favorite part was most definitely squishing his chubby toes in the sand.  

Please ignore my scrawny legs in this picture.  I'm just glad that he was offering my crotch some necessary coverage as dad captured this moment. 

It was my first time being at the beach and actually getting to play in the water.  I was equally as excited as Max was, and the two of us went on a sea shell hunt down the shoreline. 

Trying to get Max to hold still long enough for a picture was a chore.  He wanted to spend as much time in the water as possible and wanted to race the waves with Drew. 

I wish this picture was a bit more clear.  The look on his face was pure joy and that made the entire trip worth it.  

I'm not kidding when I say that Max would've been completely satisfied if we had skipped Disneyland and spent the entire time at the beach.  Just ask him what his favorite part of the vacation was, he will tell you THIS!

Poor Hudson spent most of his time hanging out in the shade of the umbrella with Dad.  

After our picnic, Max and I spent some time playing in the sand.  He didn't have the patience to build a sand castle but as any 5 year old would, he thought getting buried in the sand would be the coolest thing ever.  

Mr Max got caught getting the sand out of his crack...

 We did manage to get one family picture before we left.  Such a fun day at the beach and the perfect way to end our vacation.  We went back to Eldon's, showered and ate, then spent the entire night driving home with 2 exhausted children.  

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