Saturday, May 18, 2013

Military Ball

I had never been to a military ball, and Drew surprised me with tickets to this year's ball at Thanksgiving Point Barn.  Some of the wives that I got very close with throughout the deployment came with their hubbies, and we had a date night (no army brats)!!! 

We started our night with dinner at Olive Garden and we felt like we were headed to prom.  Especially when we got to dinner and there were legit prom goers there.  We got asked by several people what high school we attended.  Considering the men were in full uniform, I was shocked that people still asked.  

We did have several people come and shake our husbands hands and thank them for their service.  I think that is such a neat thing and I love when people are bold enough to make such a gesture.  




Us wives at the ball.  I wish I had a picture where we were all looking the same direction.  WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON IN THERE!

Me and my sexy soldier.  I absolutely love this man. 

Another attempt at a picture, too bad the lighting was so off.  

We ended up ditching the ball since none of us are dancers.  Class A's, dresses, and all, we ended up at a movie theater watching Iron Man 3.  So glad that I have these ladies and gents in our lives.  We missed the rest of you tonight!! 

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