Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to Ft. Hood

Today we took Drew to the airport.  He is going back to Ft. Hood to bring the rest of the 1-211th soldiers home to their families!!! It was one year a ago that I sent him off to Ft. Hood the first time, and it hits way too close to home saying goodbye again.  I know that this time is different, but there is this place in my brain that takes me back to those same feelings I felt last year.  I forgot how lonely I had become.  As I sit here on a Sunday evening without him, I am reminded what a hard year it was.  He will only be gone 2 weeks, but it seems like forever away.
Feeling sorry for myself I realized that I am in no position to complain.  There are over 200 wives and/or families anxiously awaiting the return of their soldier that has been gone an entire year! I cannot believe this deployment is officially coming to a close.  For a while it seemed as if it would never come, and I'm sure those still waiting are feeling this way now, but here we are at the end of this journey.  What an amazing group of soldiers who are an example to us all.  I have met some of the strongest women along the way, and have made some of the best friends too.  Hang in there ladies...your soldier is coming home THIS month! 

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