Friday, January 4, 2013

Man problems

Today we took Hudson in for his circumcision (dun, dun, dun)...
I was a little worried how he'd tolerate it since he was six weeks old.  Max had his done prior to leaving the hospital, and I would much prefer it that way.  
Drew was more than a little worried, he was fearful.  Not enough to stop me from getting the procedure done, but in a loving dad kind of way. 
It went really well.  Hudson was a champ and dad survived as well.  He wasn't even all that fussy after having it done. (dad or baby)  
While we were there he was weighed and measured...let's just say he made his daddy proud!!! 
These are his 6 week stats (he made it off the premie chart and on with the regular babies):

Weight: 8.3lbs- 12%
Length: 20.5 in- 5%
Head: 13.75in- 2%

This means I don't have to wake him up every three hours any longer! Yay for more sleep. Yay for healthy a baby. Yay for his chubby little cheeks. 

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