Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's finally official!

Today I am a very proud wife.  

When Andrew and I got married, the last thing on either of our minds was the gospel.  We aren't proud to admit that, but it was a dynamic in our relationship that we were missing.  As we prepared for this deployment and our future as a family, it was something that we realized we needed to focus on.  We were both raised LDS, but as adults weren't active and had some questions.  We knew the only way we would find answers to those questions was by reading our scriptures and praying.  Prior to his leaving Andrew purchased each of us a set of scriptures and we started reading together.  Our goal was to read daily and for the first time in each of our lives we wanted to read them, cover to cover.  I study scriptures differently than Andrew, so it was interesting to see the things that he got from a chapter compared to the things that I took away from the same verses.  He remembers stories and specifics, where I study more topically and pull away things that apply directly to me and/or my situation.  I am so happy to say that we have both completed this goal, and finished the Book of Mormon in about six months. 
Since in Ft Hood, Andrew has been attending institute classes twice a week as well as Sunday services.   He has made such progress and has shown so much growth and dedication to the gospel.  As we prepared for baby #2, he realized that with his current status he wouldn't be able to bless our son.  That alone was enough motivation for him to contact the Bishop here at our home ward (from Afghanistan), work long distance through a branch president and district president,  and took the necessary steps to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Today, among his Army family and friends, he was ordained an Elder and I could not be more proud of him and his decision to do so. 
I have never in my life had a priesthood holder in my home, and I am so greatful that my husband cares enough to share this blessing with me and our children.
Initially it was something that we wanted to do together, but we both realized that it needed to be done at our own pace.  Individually our testimonies have grown, our hearts have softened, and the desire to have the gospel in our lives and in our home has grown.  I cannot wait until the day that I can be sealed to my companion and my family for time and all eternity. 


  1. Hollie, I am sitting here BAWLING reading this. I am sooo happy for you! Congrats a hundred times over :)

  2. Well, that's a side effect of that newly announced pregnancy (yay)!! It's been a pretty neat journey, and I am so happy that I have a husband who realizes the importance of the gospel.

  3. OMG Hollie, I'm so so very proud of you and Drew. That made me totally cry! I loved everybit of it and loved the fact that he worked so hard to prepare for this! I'm happy for the both of you. I can't wait for you to be sealed too! :) Congrats hollie and hope your feeling well. your lookin' pretty dang sexy though! :) hehe

  4. Wow are you really ready to take the step to wear the G's for ever and give up the pretty panities and bras? Hmmm good luck with that ;)