Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little things mean A LOT!!

Some of the many things I miss about my husband being home (in no particular order):
  1. Listening to him playing the guitar
  2. Him screaming at the TV screen as the NY Giants play football
  3. Having a bed buddy (the insomnia is killing me!)
  4. Watching him and Max wrestle
  5. Playing Screwy Louie after we put Max to bed
  6. Cuddling on the couch while we watch cowboy movies
  7. That moment when everyone is excited that Dad is home from work
  8. His muscles...I HATE taking the trash out
  9. Him "ba-duncing" his own jokes
  10. His hugs and kisses
  11. Seeing those darn Chuck Taylors laying around the house
  12. The smell of his deodorant (I know this is weird, but he isn't a big cologne wearer)
  13. Getting a back tickle before bed each night
  14. Cooking real dinners (as opposed to mac n cheese, nuggets, etc)
  15. Holding hands
  16. The security of having my husband home and knowing that he's safe
  17. Love notes being left randomly around the house
  18. Pizza night
  19. Going to bed and waking up next to my best friend
  20. Him being home for milestones (birthdays, holidays, family gatherings)
  21. Family time (watching movies, going on walks, eating dinner together)
  22. Frozen yogurt and date nights
  23. His scruffy face that he can only have on the weekends 
  24. Being able to call or text him whenever I want
  25. The way he brushes my hair out of my face
  26. Seeing him and Max interact and watching what a great dad he is
This deployment has taught me so much about myself, but most importantly I have learned what a lucky woman I am. I am so greatful to have the husband that I have.  He is the most caring man, he is selfless, and no mater the distance between us, he is still taking care of me and providing me with the emotional support that I need to get through each day.  He tells me EVERYDAY how much he loves me, how beautiful I am, and what a great job that I am doing.  It's the little things that we take for granted, and it's sad that sometimes it takes a life event such as this to realize those things. 

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