Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mr. Max

Max knows that when he misses Daddy Drew, that if he looks at pictures of him, it makes him happy.  So each week before he goes to his dad's house, he makes sure we take a picture that I can look at when I miss him. 

 He was in the bathroom giggling and making noises. I thought he was making faces in the mirror, when he came out looking like this I was a bit surprised! He wanted to look like a football player with the black face paint...I think he got a little carried away with the lotion though.  

He already loves his brother so much!  He loves to kiss my belly and talk to it, but his newest thing is to sing to him.  His song of choice you ask? "I Am a Child of God"

 Safety first...good thing he remembered his helmet!

At the end of the day, this is the most fulfilling role I could have.  Being a mom has been the most amazing experience. After we say our prayers (which that alone will melt your heart) seeing him so peaceful and innocent really shows you what it's all about.


  1. You poor thing! I had a spinal tap done 7-8yrs ago and it was the worst. I'm so sorry but i don't think your back pain ever goes away, I swear ever since then my back has ached here and there almost like it's tweaked! I love your hair in your picture off to the right you look so pretty! I wanna do mine some more. Hollie I can't wait to meet little Hudson! :)

  2. I thought that I would be totally fine with this LP, but it's kicking my bum tonight. I wanna cry! Your words are not very encouraging!! haha! I like my hair too, in fact, someone pretty dang awesome does it for me :) I can't wait to meet little Hudson either, but he better wait until Dec to make his grand appearance!