Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nursery Time

I've not had any desire, since I was about 8 weeks pregnant, to do anything baby.  I feel like I've been so sick and focused on Max that I haven't even had the desire to prepare for this little one.  Up until this last week, I hadn't even purchased a single baby outfit.  This is so not like me, I am the type of person who likes lists, likes crossing things off my lists, and likes being prepared.  
So I went online and started looking at crib bedding.  First of all, I forgot how dang expensive this stuff is. Second, I had no clue what I was looking for.  I have been somewhat obsessed with the color grey and I love the chevron pattern, and I was lucky enough to find something that was exactly those two things.  I figured it was pretty gender neutral as well, so I can use it in the future IF and WHEN we decide to have more kids.  
The only problem was that the off white furniture that I had would absolutely clash with stark white bedding.  My "decorator" and I decided I would have to paint the furniture black.  It was a very bold color, but I couldn't be any happier with how it turned out.  I have an armoire that I am going to paint an antique blue, and we will accent with that color as well.  

Crib before:

Crib after:

Changing Table before:

Changing Table after:

The nursery still looks so plain and bare, and I still have so much to do before he gets here.  Being on bed rest isn't going to make that easy. At least I feel like I have made some progress, and the big project is complete! 


  1. love the print and love the black on it as well!

    1. I started painting his armoire, and it's absolutely the cutest blue I have ever seen. When Im done you have to come see it! You're miss crafty pants, so you'll appreciate it :)