Thursday, September 27, 2012

Curiosity kills the cat...or the mother.

Max has always been very smart for his age.  He started talking early, he started preschool at 2 years old, he was reciting the pledge of allegiance at 2 as well.  I don't know why I am even surprised by the things that come out of this child's mouth, but sometimes I still am.  
When he was younger I told him that if he played with his "dingy" that it would fall off.  One day he realized that Mommy didn't have a "dingy," and asked if I played with it too much and it fell off.  I told him that boys and girls were made differently, and left it at that. It seemed to put his mind at ease for the and more cautious about letting him see me change or come in the bathroom while I'm in there.  I am still unable to use the restroom alone, now he just sticks his fingers under the door and talks to me from under the door as well.  Well, today he busted in just as I was pulling my pants up.  He assured me that he didn't see my "mommy bum," and then he started asking questions about why boys and girls were made differently.  I ended up having to have the "boys have penises, girls have vaginas" talk.  The conversation ended with this statement from the 4 year old, "I HATE VAGINAS!" 
Max has noticed that some babies don't eat from bottles. We had to have a talk about breastfeeding.  I failed miserably while trying to explain this to him and trying to answer his questions.  I compared myself (and other mothers) to both cows and dogs.  Not the way that I had imagined this conversation going down, but I think that I recovered well.  
Obviously, Max's curiosity has grown since I got pregnant.  The other day my friend had her sweet baby boy, and as I told Max about it he asked why she had a boy and not a girl.  I told him that Heavenly Father decides if we will get a brother or a sister.  He was so happy to announce that Heavenly Father had chosen a brother for him! Then he proceeded to ask how Heavenly Father put the baby in my belly.  I panicked and said he was magic! Way to go mom.  
He has already asked how baby Hudson will come out of my belly, and I have avoided that question as well.  I suppose once the baby is born, we will revisit some of these questions, and I will be better prepared with some answers.  For now, I'll just giggle and be glad that my son hates vaginas.  

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  1. OMG Hollie. I love this. This is seriously the funniest story. Too cute too, that he hates Vaginas! that's comical reassure him that till he is married! :) Way to go Hollie!