Thursday, December 13, 2012

NICU picture dump

As we sat in the NICU, we acquired a lot of pictures! We were limited on the time that we were able to hold him, and he seemed as if he changed a little everyday, so we wanted to remember every stage of this sweet little life.  

This picture was taken the night that he was born.  It was late, after all of our family had left, and it was the first time that we were able to hold him since he was born.  Drew is so proud of his son, he couldn't stop smiling and staring at this little bundle of joy. 

He looks so small compared to his dad's hand. For a while there he just kept getting smaller and smaller. 

A lot of our time was spent staring at him sleeping in hospital bed.  They told us not to over stimulate him because he was so delicate. 

He loves his hands up next to his face. 

That hand was SO naughty! He pulled his feeding tube out several times.

One of my favorite pictures.  I love when his eyes are open (for about 30 minutes a day)

It was a little exhausting spending so many hours at the hospital, but Drew learned how to take advantage of his holding time :)

Max LOVES that his brother has a hawk just like him and dad!

One of the women that Drew was serving with in Afghanistan sent this hat for Hudson.  Thanks Aunt Krystl!

He was a little warn out after all of those feeds, poor guy couldn't even keep his binky in. 

Mom's turn!

We weren't sure when Hudson would be discharged, so we took in a Charlie Brown tree to bring the holiday spirit to him. 

His dad was so excited to put him in this outfit.

Those cheeks!

Drew was the diaper changing champ. The nurses learned to let Drew change his bum, because one too many of them got pooped on.  Hence, the nickname "Squirt"

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