Monday, December 17, 2012

2 week check up:

A couple days after we were discharged from the hospital, I took Hudson in for a weight check.  Our pediatrician is one of the doctors I used to work for at Grandview Family Medicine, and I was so excited to see everyone there and show off the little man.  I have to say it was a bit nerve wracking driving in the car with a newborn and worrying about keeping him warm.  I forgot how paranoid new moms are.  

Here are his stats (premie growth chart):
Weight: 6.1lbs- 40 percentile 
Length: 19 in
Head: 12.75 cm

Lisa said he looks perfect and she's very impressed by how well he's doing.  Until he weighs 7lbs, I am still having to wake him every 3 hours for feedings as well as having to fortify 2 bottles a day.  We are hoping when we go in for his circumcision in January, that he will weigh enough to sleep for longer periods of time.  Mommy and Daddy both could use a few extra hours of sleep Baby Hudson. 
Because he was so early, and because he is so small, we have to be extra careful for the next couple months.  We are going to get him the RSV shots to help protect his little lungs.  There are some precautions we are having to take as well: If you are sick, we appreciate the thought, but we ask that you come back when you are no longer ill (even just the sniffles).  We ask that all visitors be up to date on their pertussis and influenza vaccinations, no children visitors for the time being, and please use good hand washing skills and the hand sanitizer before holding him. 
I know that I may sound paranoid, but we just want to keep this little munchkin on the upside of the cold/flu season.  

Here are a few pics from being home:

 Hudson's first bath at home, dad did the honors and got pooped on...serves him right. 

The top picture is of Hudson, the bottom is of Max.  I think when Hudson's mouth is covered up, he looks a lot like his big brother did.  

He looks so tiny in his crib! He's even all bundled up in this photo.  What a happy feeling having him home and using his nursery though.  Pretty sure I check on him every five minutes. 

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